Alfonso de Angoitia Manages the Finance Profile of Televisa

     Alfonso de Angoitia is an executive leader at a leading company in Mexico. Over the past ten years, most media companies in Mexico have delved into unparalleled growth. One such company is Groupo Televisa. Established in 1995, Groupo Televisa is a leading Mexican company in the media industry. It is prominent for being a leading producer of Spanish programs in the multimedia industry. Internationally recognized for its massive production, Groupo Televisa prides itself on being the major representative of Mexican programs. The excellent performance is owed to one Alfonso de Angoitia. From being the main broadcaster of Spanish programs to penetrating the U.S. market, Alfonso de Angoitia has played key executive roles in leading Groupo Televisa across different borders.


Alfonso’s Profile

Alfonso was born in 1962. He currently serves as the vice president of Groupo Televisa. He was elected for the position in 2000 and has been supportive of the company since his appointment. He also serves as the director where he is in charge of key decision making processes. Being a committed member of the firm, Alfonso joined the board of Televisa in 1997. He has since been an active director under the Univision Communications. As an alumnus of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma in Mexico, Alfonso majored in law. He was also part of the American Foundation of School. In that category of leadership, he was a member of the trustee board. After serving for five years, Alfonso received positive recognition for his input in key decision making.



Before he assumed the lead position at Televisa, Alfonso was a chief financial officer. This was between 1999 and 2003. He also worked for various companies at executive levels of leadership. One of these companies was White and case located in New York City. He then joined Mijares as a founding member. Being a studious man, he better served as an executive leader in the field. Alfonso also served as a personal attorney for Emilio, the serving chief executive officer of Televisa. Alfonso is a financial manager for Televisa. He has closely worked with Emilio Jean at different levels of management. He is prominent for pushing the company through exemplary growth. As a leader, he commits to taking the company o greater levels of achievement.