Daniel Mark Harrison: A Leader in Cryptocurrency

Just a few years ago, Bitcoin was introduced to the world as a form of currency. With little support at the start, the Bitcoin industry was even being mocked as a one-time currency that was due to fail. Well, it’s 2017, and the currency is still here with us, though not as appreciated and used as other forms of currency. The coin is highly valuable with one of its unit being equivalent to almost $2000. Lately, though, the world of cryptocurrencies has expanded and is showing signs of improvements. Recently, they have introduced new transaction types with one being in the limelight, the ICO. The Initial Coin Offering is like the IPO in the money stock markets. It is a tool that is involved in the trade of future crypto-coins, with the aim of, or in exchange for immediate value.

Monkey Capital is one individual hedge fund that invests in ICUs. The one-of-a-kind decentralized hedge fund has invested ICOs in hostile public company takeovers or mergers, blockchain systems, and SpaceX supplier contracts. It became the first company to sell its ICO options. Dubbed COEVAL, the options are traded on the Waves Decentralized Exchange where they are performing well.
Monkey Capital practices high-quality operations together, with the help of a very highly qualified staff. They are aimed at tapping resources that are of real world benefits. By investing in future companies like Tesla, who have started manufacturing of Hydrogen automobiles, the hedge fund has the crypto-currency market up in its sleeves. The company also boasts of an all-star management team.
One of these staff member is Managing Partner Daniel Mark Harrison. Harrison, who is also the CEO of DMH & Co., is a writer, entrepreneur, and contributor to several online publications. He is a vital asset to Monkey Capital, and a major player in the ICO circuit.

Judging by the remarks of radio host celeb, Chris Waltzek, the hedge fund is making quite a success, as a decentralized hedge fund. While interviewing the company’s managing partner and also its founder, the radio presenter said that the idea was for the future and that it was quite long since he heard such a fresh idea on the table. Another media giant, the Huffington Post described the fund’s ICO as a “billion dollar baboon.” The company has also achieved being the first company with a ten digit crowd funding campaign which will see it rise in this rather interesting new currency world.

So far the company has distributed its ICO to the public, and the top tier of the company also distributed COEVAL tokens to friends and family, who will buy their stock options at a relatively low rate. The company is led by Daniel Harrison, an innovator who has greatly shaped the crypto-currency world.