How Securus Technologies Protects Corrections Officers

The job of a corrections officer is extremely dangerous. Not only are we outnumbered by inmates, they have nothing put time on their hands to study our habits and to look for breaks in the system that could give them the upper hand. If we were to relax for even one minute, inmates could easily take advantage and make things very problematic for anyone inside the prison walls.


To try to keep the peace in the jail, we have a few things at our disposal that we use daily to try and ensure the inmates are not gaining any type of competitive edge. We start by walking the visitor center each day, making sure no one that comes to the prison is carrying contraband they can pass off to the inmates. This is a very challenging job and the inmates have developed their ways of getting what they need, so we have to be especially vigilant here.


Even after the body searches at the visitor center, we move to surprise cell inspections. With the help of trained dogs and skilled officers, we check every possible location in the cell for anything like cellphones, drugs, or weapons. Inmates will tell you that even after these efforts, they still have easy access to the things they want, more so then if they were out on the streets trying to find the same items.


When Securus Technologies trained us to use the new inmate call system, we discovered that we had access to a whole new resource for catching the inmates that were up to no good. The alert feature notifies us now if inmates are using drugs in their cells, selling drugs on the orders of a gang leader, or meeting someone at the visitor center to do an exchange. Now we get a heads up and at quickly to protect my team more easily.