Hospital Copa Star Presents Healthcare With Luxury

People tend to associate a hospital with a lot of things. These include a drab, dull and unhappy atmosphere. After all, there are sick people all around you. But once you enter Copa Star, you get mesmerized by its beauty and opulence. As you enter, you come across a piano kept on the side. There are comfortable sofas all around in the lounge. There are no uncomfortable metallic or plastic hospital chairs. There are magazines kept that would take your mind away from the disease.

The lounge and the corridors are decorated with art work of a famous Japanese painter. You can view these as you move along.

There is no smell of medicines in Copa Star. In fact, there is a fine woody smell with citrus. Basically, Hospital Copa Star is focused on making patients as well as their friends and family happy and relaxed while they are here. This is why there is a lot of focus on keeping away the smell of antibiotics and other medicines away from this place.

Once here, you will never see any stretchers around or any trolleys carrying medical supplies. This is because there is a separate area for all this. Once patients are exposed to this kind of opulence, their mind gets diverted from their sickness. They start enjoying life and feel happy. Such kind of uplifting of spirits is required in order to heal better and faster. Read more,96967402ac2148cefdba8be2420e31depppa4wiy.html

Copa Star has the best in terms of hospital equipment as well as staff. They have a state-of-the-art neurology and cardiology department. Hence people do not have to go to any other city for their treatment. Hospital Copa Star provides them everything and more. They have highly qualified doctors and nurses and other medical staff. Besides, they have been trained to handle all the sophisticated equipment. This staff is getting continually trained so that their knowledge and skills always remain updated.

There is a lot of innovation at Hospital Copa Star. One of these is the iPad. The hospital has an app that can download on the iPad. Now the doctor can access this iPad to know everything about the patient at any time. This would include his treatment history, examination reports and so on. This way any changes that are to be made to the treatment can be easily done and updated and informed to all in no time. Besides, this iPad can be used by the patient to customize his room as per his comfort. Now there is no need to call a nurse for every small issue. Hence things, like closing the curtains or raising the bed, can be easily done through this iPad only. This helps to keep the patient in control of his own comfort. Visit their profile page on Facebook.Com

Essentials to Pick From Todd Lubar; an Incredible Baltimore Entrepreneur

Recently real estate has had a surge in the Maryland area despite having been hit hard by crisis not so long ago. As at now, you can already realize that the industry is slowly picking, although the effects are still echoing. Todd Lubar has been in real estate since 1995 and has therefore seen several boom and low seasons. He has developed a great love for the industry, especially since the time he discovered via Google that he had an innate desire to expand his horizons while there. When you discover the area where your calling is, just like Todd, you should endeavor in pursuing the course to the best of your ability.

Informed Steps Todd Took to Thrive in his Endeavors

Todd Lubar pursued a bachelor’s degree in speech communication from Syracuse University and cleared in 1995. After that he joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he started a loan originator. It was in that enterprise where he gained priceless experience in mortgage banking, something that is pretty relevant in his daily activities. In his wisdom, Todd knew that he needed to plunge into it further, which required him to expand his networks. As a result, he initiated business relations with insurance agents, financial managers, real estate executives, as well as CPAs. So far these particular relations have formed Lubar’s remarkable referrals.

Award-winning Efforts Made by Lubar in Various Companies

Most importantly is that he founded Legendary Properties, LLC, view his About.Me page. This he did after taking significant time expanding his loaning knowledge at Legacy Financial Group. His initiatives mostly handle issues to do with buying and selling, as well as rehabilitating residential property. Timeliness is never a challenge to him in delivery of top quality services, considering that he made use of his reliable networks. The President of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLCalso held several offices at Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Legacy Financial group, which refined his highly coveted-skillset.


Todd’s diligence and hardwork is worth emulating. His devotion to delivering of customized services has made him win trust of many people across Maryland. As it is, several people from Baltimore have started registering an interest in investing in real estate. It is amazing to have such an agent of change bring back sanity into the real estate industry. While in Maryland Legacy Financial, he fueled the annual loan volume production unit to numerous100 million dollars. This was such a tremendous move.

How Dr. Villanueva of MB2 Dental Has Restructured Dentist Practices

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 dental. He was born in Ohio, and studied his high school education in Venezuela and graduated with bachelor’s degree in microbiology from the University of Florida and later earned his DMD from the Nova Southeastern University. Before founding MB2 Dental, he worked for several organizations in serving in different positions including an associate dentist, trainer and mentor, dental director, and as an advocate for doctor-focused practice model. Having been frustrated by various working procedures of several hospitals, Villanueva launched MB2 to help doctors so that dentists can perform their tasks to the best of their capacity. Since its establishment, the company has grown to over 533 employees firm that supports over 70 affiliated locations in six states. The success of the company has been attributed to the principal that doctors working together can help each accomplish more than an individual can yield.


The uniqueness of MB2 Dental


MB2 Dental brings out a new face of the dental practices. Contrary to the traditional and typical dental practices, MB2 Dental doesn’t focus on profit margins but support, personal growth and having fun. The firm has practices that aim at improving the benefits of the patients. Moreover, the company devotes time to research and innovations that improve operating standards that make the practitioners happy and facilitate rapid business growth. The strong adherence to the progressive business culture makes the firm remain unique. To ensure the progressive business culture, the firm ensures that they provide an environment where dentists can grow and have practical experience and success. Armed with an expert team that helps the dentist to triumph over any legal, payroll, compliance, HR, and marketing challenges, the firm will continually remain at the helm of the dental industry.




During an interview with Ideamensch, Dr. Villanueva pointed out some key issues that can be of help to entrepreneurs, executives and the youth. Villanueva spends a considerable time of his nights thinking about the next day. He still holds a piece of advice from his mentor that he should never be the smartest person in a place, a factor that helps him surround himself with smart people. Dr. Villanueva argues that most CEOs get it wrong when they try micromanaging. Villanueva is fascinated by the power of technology and the role it plays in bettering patients’ experience. Avoiding being stuck in the ego of ideas and promoting an open work environment is imperative for performance. He advises people to take time for self-reflection before executing any idea. Finally, Dr. Villanueva gave entrepreneurs a business idea to venture on. Mapping out restaurants, which offer allergy-friendly foods and having them on an app can be a fantastic idea.

Bruce Levenson’s Quest for Settlement Closure After Hawks Sale

The battle revolving around the sale of NBA franchise Atlanta Hawks recently took another turn. The former owners sued their insurance company for not settling claims made relating to their dispute with Danny Ferry, Hawks previous general manager.

Bruce Levenson is one of the majority owners of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, AHBE, which settled with Ferry and after that agreed to sell Hawks to the new group led by principal owner Tony Ressler. AHBE owns the basketball team Atlanta Hawks and their home practice stadium, the Philips Arena. The new ownership is not involved in this dispute at all; it is between AHBE and the insurer with Ferry’s settlement at the heart of the matter. AHBE claims the insurer did not pay losses relating to the settlement between them and Ferry as covered. In addition, the suit is seeking penalties and attorney’s costs. AHBE believes the New Hampshire Insurance Company, represented as AIG has no right to decline to honor the policy.

Bruce Levenson sold the NBA franchise including operating rights to the Philips Arena to the Ressler-led group for a reported $850 million in 2015. They had bought the same for $250 million in 2004 including the NHL team, Atlanta Thrashers, which was sold in 2011. The Philips Arena is the Hawks practice facility.

According to ESPN, Bruce Levenson has also served on the NBA Board since 2004. He is the co-founder of United Communications Group, a business information provider founded in 1977 in Maryland. In 1997, Bruce was recognized by Time Magazine and the Software and Information Industry Association for his executive leadership success at UCG. Additionally, Bruce Levenson also served on the board of the publicly traded IT company, TechTarget, a technology information provider. Bruce has also been associated with the Newsletters and Publishers Association and BIA Digital Partners.

Bruce is an active philanthropist and supports Hoop Dreams Foundation, US Holocaust Museum and SEED Foundation among many others.


Everything you should know About Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a renowned capital strategist. He began his career as an associate at a prominent law firm after graduation from Columbia Law School. His role at the law firm was as an advisor to clients on hedge fund structure and formation, agreements, side letters, regulatory issues, and other such issues. In 2004, he joined SPARX Group Co. and rose through the ranks to become its Managing Director. He was also the head of Business Development. Later on, he moved to Bank of Am erica Merrill Lynch as the director. In 2013, he returned to the legal field and joined a law firm as a senior associate.

He later left the law firm and expanded his investment portfolio. Sam Tabar invested in THINX. The company is mainly concerned with the production of women’s undergarments. Additionally, the company is concerned with charity, offering relief to thousands of African women annually. Mr. Tabar’s role at the firm is a lawyer, a leader, and contributor of capital. The philanthropic work of the firm involves training women on how to sew. Additionally, they are imparted with knowledge on marketing strategies. The women are given the entrepreneurial skills that will help make them leaders in their communities. The main aim of this philanthropic work is to create jobs and improve the environment.

Mr. Tabar’s latest company is based on the premise of financing projects that are beneficial for the environment. Mr. Tabar wants to create solutions to environmental problems. The company aims to generate fuel from waste, mostly from Municipal Solid Waste. The goal will be achieved through FullCycle Energy. With Tabar as its COE, the company is hopeful of being able to achieve its objective. The objective of FullCycle is to replace highly polluting plants such as coal-based ones with environmentally friendly ones that rely on Municipal Waste to generate power. Mr. Tabar’s investment advice is for people to avoid commodities market unless they can do research. He views investment in private businesses as a good alternative to stock trading. Tabar is a great believer in social enterprises. It is an opportunity for a person to make money while helping the community.