Richard Mishaan Designs Gives the Best in Art Décor that Combines Lavishness and Authenticity

One of the leading interior and architectural designers in New York famous for combining rich tastes and authentic styles to achieve an awe-inspiring sense of aesthetics is Richard Mishaan. On the Elle Décor top or A-list, Richard Mishaan Design is ranked highly, and he also features in the AD 100. The distinct appeal his work has is due in large part to the sumptuously appointed interior décor that combines a careful blend of bold-patterned and colored objects of decoration, vintages pieces, and curated antiques. The world-renowned interior decorator is also the publisher of Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern, a favorite book that was printed and distributed by the Monacelli Press at Random House.


In this year’s show house for Bay Boys and Girls Club Decorator which was hosted at 125 East 65th Street on the Tuesday of June 6th, Richard Mishaan said that what inspires him most is a room that is assembled over an extended period. He compared his style of decorating to the traditional families of Florence or Venice who admired the artistry of various artisans whose works in velvets and silks they accumulated and added to their collections. He is so meticulously careful and disciplined when he is putting together decorative items for a house. His strategy relies on an academic approach to achieve eclecticism in a room. He maintains a room as a library in each of his homes where he also loves hosting entertainments.


The Richard Mishaan Design techniques involve the application of woven tapes and cords, yards of gimps and silk velvet with animal’s prints, and Fortuyn fabrics to create a backdrop of layered décor in a room. Each item in the chamber makes its value through history and provenance that is determined by time, for instance, a contemporary Audubon painting by Walton Ford and orientalist art can be layered on a wall covering from London depicting a room straight imitating the Topkapi palace. The overall outcome of his décor is made memorable by the sum of the parts. Richard Mishaan is a man who loves sampling different cultures through extensive travel. He loves heritage-based designs which can create a legacy that goes beyond style and trends by being pristine and timeless. What he mostly likes is craftsmanship displayed in decorative arts, artisanal textiles, and porcelains which are homemade and that can create elements of an outstanding environment.


He began his career with an apprenticeship in the office of a renowned decorator called Philip Johnson. A graduate of the Columbia University School of Architecture and the New York University from where he acquired a BA Degree, the man takes advantage of his cultural heritage, and his knowledge of architecture, interior design and fashion to come up with high quality and luxurious designs. He was born in Colombia, and the crown jewel in his brand is the work he did when he created the interior décor of the St. Regis Hotel’s presidential suite in New York City. Other famous hotels he has decorated include the Marriot AC on South Beach and the Shelborne Hotels.