Securus Technologies prevents unrest by keeping all its customers happy

Working within the nation’s prisons can be one of the most difficult areas of business that exist. Oftentimes, the customer base is at complete odds with one another. One group of customers, the prison guards, are viewed as the mortal enemy of another group of customers, the inmates. This creates a situation where the prison contractor is required to perform a delicate balancing act, always keeping in mind the needs and desires of both groups of its very important customer base.


Nowhere else is this more true than in the realm of prison communications. Communications companies that operate within the nation’s carceral facilities are required to keep guards happy, which often means severely curtailing the ability of inmates to do the things that they would like to do. But this also puts stress on the ability of the companies to deliver a quality and satisfying product to the inmates themselves.


Securus Technologies has managed to perform this balancing act with admirable skill. Through its development of some of the most cutting-edge security features in the business, Securus has been able to deliver a product that prison guards love, allowing them to maintain a high degree of control over the systems and closely monitor all communications that take place over Securus’ video visitation systems and telephone lines.


At the same time, Securus has been able to deliver an outstanding product to the inmates themselves. By keeping rates at rock-bottom prices, Securus has been able to allow inmates to stay in nearly constant communication with their loved ones on the outside, using some of the most high tech and high quality video visitation platforms available at any prison the world over.


It is through products like these these that Securus has cemented its place as one of the nation’s foremost providers of inmate communication services.