Strategy behind the Expansion of Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru and his friends found a breakthrough in their last year in campus. Nathaniel Ru were studying at the Georgetown University when they were hit by the idea of establishing Sweetgreen after they could not find somewhere to eat fresh salad. This is the moment that they set eyes on an abandoned building that lay on M Street.

This is a street that was located in downtown Miami. The only problem is that it belonged to a landlord who was too familiar to them. Because of some past incidents with the boys, she refused to take a meeting with them. However, due to their persistence as they kept calling her, she finally agreed to meet with them.

During their first meeting, they came with a small business plan that had a budget at the back. She advised the three gentlemen to go back to the basics and prepare a better plan, hire an architect and prepare a good budget. In a period of three weeks, the three gentlemen had managed to implement what the landlord had suggested to them.

Beyond this, they sought counsel from the school’s departments and also from businesses from the area. Through their parents, they were able to acquire some investors for their idea.

Today, Sweetgreen prides itself a more than a salad restaurant. They say that they want to offer their customers healthy foods at a reasonable price. They emphasize on locality, sexiness and talent. One of the executives working with Sweetgreen is Theresa Dold. She says that they have come to release that people are not just interested in what you sell. Instead, they are also interested in how you make your products. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

This is why Theresa Dold believes that if Apple specialized in making bicycles rather than electronics, it would still be the company it is today. They have learned the art of perfecting everything they do. Sweetgreen, on the other hand, has managed to expand by working on its core values. This tactic has seen the company expand to other parts of the United States such as Chicago, Atlanta, and Boston.

There are also restaurants in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. Theresa Dold says that there are plans to expand the restaurant to other parts of the nation. Sweetgreen currently works on a motto that everything you do should be geared towards a future. Acquiring local products has also contributed to the growth of the restaurant.